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Carlos Fernandez

2003 collaborates with the Cia Patas Arriba directed by Asun Noales and A .S (Valencia) dancing their repertoire in different cities nationwide.
2003/04 carries out a Project with the Valencia Choreographic Center directed by Imma Gil.
2004 I took part in a project with the Cía Nafas Dance Project directed by Patrick de Bana (Valencia) for the Teatro de la Villa de Madrid.

In 2004, the Lladró award was awarded to one of the best dancers at the Valen Cia Dance Festival. With Cia Cesc Gelabert-azzopardi

He is once again part of Cía Cesc Gelabert (Barcelona) in four more creations And dancing his Repertoire at the National level and in different countries such as Romania, China, Germany, France, Chile, Italy, Edinburgh

Journey to Simorg. Opera at the Teatro Real in Madrid directed by Federic Amat and Choreographed by Cesc Gelabert 2007

Project with the choreographer Sharon Fridman (Israel-Madrid) with the piece carlos & me Awarded with the second prize of the 2007 Madrid Choreographic Contest

In March 2008 he premiered The Opera 7 Deadly Sins together with Catherine Allard Ute Lamper and Jordi Cortes, directed by Federic Amat.

June 2008 collaborates with the Cia Otra Danza (Valencia) directed by Asun Noales


July 2008 is invited to give dance workshop at the University of Elche. 2008 is once again part of the new creation of Choreographer Sharon Fridman Qproyect.

He works with Cia Cesc Gelabert until June 2008 (Barcelona)

Later it premiered again in Madrid with the choreographer Sharon Fredman in November 2008.

In February 2009 he premiered a creation (Bound) with the Thomas Noone Dance Company (Barceloa)

In 2009 he premiered with CIa Projects in movement director Sharon Friedman, Madrid. During that year touring with a repertoire of Projects in movement.

In January 2010 he debuted a creation with Cia Projects in movement.Madrid Representing said creation in Madrid en Danza, Tel Aviv, among others.

In 2010 he premiered with the Sol Pico Dance Company “El Llac de les Mosques” premiered in Santiago de Chile and France.

In 2011 he was part of the Cia Sol Picó, a creation that was premiered at the Grec De Barcelona Festival.

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