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Pictures from an Exhibition is a famous suite of fifteen pieces of music composed by Mussorgsky to pay tribute to Viktor Hartmann, architect, draftsman and amateur painter, and a close friend of the composer. The score is inspired by the posthumous exhibition of Hartmann's works at the Imperial Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg. Playing with New Technologies and contemporary aesthetics, the suggestive show created by Roser Muñoz and Joan Boix adopts the format of a guided visit to a museum with virtual reality glasses. The use of video projections, with real images and animations, or the emergence of characters that leave the screen to dance on stage, brought magic and emotion to a creation that makes children enter the fascinating world of ballet. The Dance Center of Catalonia is already a Reference in the teaching of classical dance in our country. First dancers in international companies for two Decades, Roser Muñoz and Joan Boix transmitting to the classes the Respect and love with which dance gives us and the rigor in the preparation of the Shows, taking care of even the smallest detail.

Quadres d´una exposició

Quadres d´una exposició

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Auditori Llinars del Vallès.,  Teatre SAT,  Barcelona.  Auditori Viladecans.  Teatre Marisol, Sant  Cugat.  Teatre de la Llotja, Lleida.  Teatre Joventut, L'Hospitalet.

Teatre Sarria, Barcelona. Teatre Zorilla, Badalona.