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Full time training program auditions

Training Program 2022/ 2023  

September - June  

Students between 10 and 19  years old.
Private and fee free audition.
Application Deadline:  May 15 th .2022


Would you like to prepare to be a professional dancer?
The Bucharest Opera, the National Ballet of Portugal, the Capitole Theater of Toulouse, the National Ballet of Croatia, or the Junior Ballet Dortmund among other companies, have hired some of our students,  directly from our training program.
In recent years we have prove that it is perfectly possible to reach the  professional ballet world, studying at our school in Barcelona.
Our training program has 4 levels, with a duration of two years each one.
You can learn and work the classical technique, the point work, repertoire, pas de deux, variations and contemporary dance guided by great teachers, with an international trayectory during two decades, as a Principals Dancers.
You will also perform regularly, in a structured shows like a ballet company does.
Our school has a student residence with full board accommodation for minors. (10 places) and we got agreements with schools to study ESO, the academic studies.
Contact us  to specify a date for the private audition in the form that you have below or by writing in:
Send us a CV with your studies carried out  and​​ 3 photos:
1- Demi plié in 5th position
2- tendu à la seconde
3- First arabesque.        
In case you want to audition by video you have to send a video, via internet, of 15 minutes maximum  with the following exercises: 
1- pliés (one side)
2- battements tendus
3- adage
4- grands battements
1-  adage
2-  pirouettes 
3- petit allegro
4- grand allegro (including tours en l’air for male applicants)
POINTE WORK (female applicants)
Two exercises combining  pointe work steps
Due  to Covid-19  too  I know  may  auditions via Zoom, taking a live class with our school.
In case of being selected for the training program  and if the student wants to accept it, must pay the registration fee (85,00€)  as a place reservation. This registration will NOT be returned later if the student decides not to study at our school.
The students wanting to get  a place in our students residence or in one of the schools with which we have commitments, for reasons of time, they have to ask for it before April , otherwise we cannot be sure to provide a place.
  More information about the training course
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Thanks! Message sent.

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